Gayatri Mantra is truly a philosophy. It teaches us the art of living. It is a methodology of great thinking. It is a mode of living, a method to congregate society in a friendly manner and a root Mantra of world peace.

In this world the biggest demigod is called ‘Mother’. ‘Matrudevo bhava, pitrudevo bhava, acharyadevo bhava’-a mother cannot be compared to anyone in the world. She nurtures her baby in her womb for 9 months, after giving birth to it she converts her red blood into white milk and gives it to the baby and by nourishing our body she aids our growth. Those who fail to get a mother’s love, affection, milk and nourishment remain incomplete.

There dwells one more mother regarding whom we know nothing. She nourishes not our body but our soul. Her name is Kamadhenu. She resides in heaven and demigods who drink her milk become divine, good looking, immortal, deathless and imbibe power to serve others. They remain self contented always. We have heard that Kamadhenu dwells in heaven. Since I have never gone to heaven how can I describe it to you all respected readers? Yet I wish to tell you about one particular Kamadhenu that can benefit humans living on earth a great deal. Its name is Gayatri. Its name is Ritambhara Prajna or divine intellect, farsightedness, true discrimination, deep thinker and the very soul of Indian Culture.

Although a seed is very tiny yet all qualities of fruits and flowers are embedded in it. In a very microscopic sperm all genetic qualities of one’s ancestors are present. Similarly all the divine knowledge and wisdom of the world dwells in this tiny Super Mantra Gayatri woven from only 24 alphabets. When Brahmaji made plans for creation of this world, he wondered how without divine wisdom and knowledge he could succeed in this endeavor. In order to attain both by sitting on a lotus flower it is said that he performed spiritual austerities for 1000 years ceaselessly. Say what type of spiritual practice was this which aided Brahmaji taste success and power? Friends! It was Super Mantra Gayatri practice which gave him all this. Brahmaji by breaking Gayatri Mantra into 4 parts, created the 4 Vedas:

‘Om bhurbhuvaha swaha’ helped create Rigaveda.

‘Tatsaviturvarenyam’ helped create Yajurveda.

‘Bhargodevasya dhimahi’ helped create Samaveda.

‘Dhiyo yon aha prachodayat’ helped create Atharvaveda.

These Vedas are the seed of all our religions and cultures. In all these Vedas we can find a description of Vedic Mother Gayatri. We are preaching this Gayatri Mantra to all and have surrendered our entire life for the same and know that Vedas have manifested from it. It is a glorious Beej or Seed Mantra. Brahmaji after due penance created this world using it as a medium. Not everyone can understand its description and spiritual philosophy. Realizing this great Rishis compared 24 Avatars or incarnations of God with 24 alphabets of Gayatri Mantra. Each Avatar is a description of each of the 24 alphabets of Gayatri. What exactly is the inner nature and power of Gayatri Mantra? How can we use it beneficially in various life situations faced by us all daily? In order to give us information regarding this Rishis created the 24 Avatars and the 24 Puranas or Indian Mythology. Lord Dattatreya had 24 Gurus. It was from the 24 alphabets of Gayatri that he attained divine wisdom. In Maharshi Valmiki’s ‘Valmiki Ramayan’ there are 24000 verses. In it too he conjoined Samput of each alphabet of Gayatri Mantra and then described it. In the Shrimad Bhagwat religious text too verses have been penned after conjoining Samput of each alphabet of Gayatri Mantra. In the verse ‘Satyam param dhimahi’ it is ‘dhimahi’ that has been described. Devi Bhawat text is totally a description of Gayatri Mantra. Within Indian Culture all that you can visualize is but in reality a pristine pure description of Gayatri Mantra. It is so glorious. Rishis understood its utility value and deep import and they told everyone that they may forget everything but do not forget Mother Gayatri. We all never forget our mother.

Another body possessed by man is ‘thinking’. Gayatri Mantra dwells in the form of role played by thoughts, the Shikha or pigtail atop the brain and as discipline. Whenever a person moves his palm on his head he remembers his mother. She is consciousness in form and is Mahamaya. Just as elephants are chained so too man’s thinking and mind must have a disciplinary control. This Mother Gayatri in the form of self control is seated on our head. Rishis by ordaining man to grow a pigtail on his scalp representing Gayatri taught us all that whenever we think or speak something we must be very alert that a disciplinary control is in place on us. We must never cross limits of discipline.

Yajnopaveet or the sacred thread is the chief Sanskar of Hindu religion. The pigtail on the head and sacred thread across the chest and shoulder are symbols of Gayatri. The 3 Vyahvrittis of Gayatri are the 3 threads of the Yajnopaveet. The 9 strings are the 9 words of Super Mantra Gayatri. It connotes that we must shoulder social responsibilities and lives a life of disciplined self control. Every Hindu must follow these 2 injunctions. What are they? It is Gayatri. Daily we must do Sandhya worship twice. Our Muslim fraternity performs Namaz 5 times daily. You cannot afford to act as per your whims and fancies. You must definitely chant this Mantra daily at dawn and dusk. It is called a Guru Mantra. What exactly is a Guru Mantra? Previously when a Guru taught his disciples he would commence by writing Gayatri Mantra of the disciple’s clean slate, guide the fingers of the child student on these alphabets and taught him how to chant Gayatri methodically. Thus Gayatri is called a Guru Mantra.

Just as Hindus have one Guru Mantra so too Islam religion has one Guru Mantra called Kalma. Christians also have one Guru Mantra called Baptisma.

What can we say about that era of dark gloom wherein we had lost everything like economics, political freedom, art and prosperity? Not only this, we even failed to recognize our own mother. Those children who do not know their mother face a lot of distress. Why have we all become demeaned? We indeed are in a fallen state. We forgot that mother who nourished our soul and poured love on us. It is only by latching on to her that we were called demigods. We were powerful, talented and leaders in the world. We were called gloriously cultured and we shared great qualities with the entire world. This we did right from USA to Peru and in every nook and corner of the world. America came into existence not because of Columbus, Negro people, aborigines or Red Indians but was helped inhabit by Indians. There we can see sun temples which mean that they were Gayatri devotees. There we can see such a beautiful Indian calendar which is not to be seen even in India. What does this tell us? It connotes that Indian Civilization existed in America. That was the sort of culture of India, whose root was Gayatri Mantra, Mother Gayatri and which we have all forgotten. What exactly happens during times of darkness? Robbers, dacoits, owls, snakes, scorpions and bats wake up. Everything happens at night. In darkness even trees appear frightful and eerie. When at night we walk in darkness we bang into various objects. For 2000 years we are being kicked about here and there in darkness and we gave up our beloved mother. Who told us to renounce this mother?

Gayatri Mantra is akin to the sun, earth and wind and all of us have equal right over it. Mountains belong to all but we have been brain washed into thinking that humans are categorized into 4 Varnas or classes. Amongst these 4 only one class has a right over Gayatri Mantra. Thus the remaining 3 classes failed to get access to it. Apart from this it was also said that women have no right over it. This means that only 1/8th portion of people have a right over Gayatri Mantra. After that one more Swamiji (ascetic) arrived. He said that Gayatri Mantra has been cursed by Brahmaji (creator) hence in Kailyuga or Dark Era it cannot be chanted. One more Panditji (scholar) came that it has also been cursed by Vishwamitra and Vashishthaji and they have ‘locked’ (Keelit) the Mantra. We asked that if Brahmaji performed spiritual penance for 1000 years, how he can shower curses. We said that Vishwamitra is such a Rishi who has done a ‘Ph.D.’ on Gayatri and hence why would he curse it? One Panditji came to us. He said that this Gayatri Mantra can only be whispered in someone’s ears. We said that everything else is spoken of very openly. We agree that if it is a matter of robbery, crime, lust etc it must only be whispered in the ear. In this manner we know not what all took place in the Dark Era. Cunning wily ascetics created their own small sects and creeds. Thus people got deluded and the very roots of Indian Culture got tattered and shattered. Everywhere separatism and differences spread out their nets.

Even today to a great extent one can see unity amongst Christians, Muslims and Sikhs but people broke the Hindu community into bits and pieces. Not only this, Indian tradition got ruined due to segregation into tiny units. Today everything is battered yet henceforth this darkness is about to run away. The sun is about to rise. When the sun rises, birds chart chirping, peacocks dance in glee, the lotus flower blooms forth and flowers spread out a rare type of joy everywhere. Cool winds blow about. In every person, vim and vigor manifests. Night’s sleep goes away. Robbers, snakes, scorpions and bats scurry away. We have full faith that our country’s, destiny’s and culture’s brilliant sun is about to dawn. It shall be possible now to share the Gayatri Mantra with every household. That which was our very spine shall now be rejoined.

Once in New Delhi, Mahatma Gandhi gave a lecture for half an hour in Jamia Milia University. In it he only described the Gayatri Mantra. At the end of his speech all Muslims present there were displeased with Gandhiji since they felt it was a Hindu Mantra. Over here we wanted to talk of something else. Gandhiji said that indeed this was not a Hindu Mantra and instead belonged to world humanity. This Mantra represents a divine intellect, farsightedness and true discrimination. It is a Mantra that awakens humane emotions sleeping as of now in the human psyche. We too opine thus. We feel that we have again attained that culture of ours which we had lost previously. It seems as though the snake’s jewel which was lost before has been found again. We have heard that on an elephant’s head was a Gajamukta or jewel. When it resides on the elephant’s head, the elephant is blissful but as soon as it loses this jewel the elephant turns mad. I cannot comment on the elephant or snake yet I can certainly talk of mankind and Indian Culture who possess powers akin to Kamadhenu or the wish fulfilling cow. Since we forgot this today akin to the proverbial elephant and snake we are devoid of the jewel, we are weak and downtrodden. We again bow down reverently to the rising morning sun that sheds light on our true grandeur. We have again made due efforts to understand the inner nature of our culture.

Gayatri Mantra is verily a philosophy. It teaches us the art of living. It is a methodology of thinking. It is a mode of living, a method to congregate society in a united manner and a root Mantra of world peace. If we imbibe it properly we can imagine a great world future. We shall again see a glorious world which was witnessed in ancient times. Gayatri is Divine Knowledge. It is called Divine Mother. By worshipping it man becomes divine. It is also called World Mother. We are discussing the philosophy of Gayatri which you all must know. If we truly understand it and make efforts to walk that path our lives shall attain glory.

I wish to tell you one more thing which is not Gayatri’s philosophy but is its science. In all of us such powers reside that if we awaken them we can attain all important things. Even if one of these energies is activated a lay human can become extraordinarily divine. It is humans who become divine and Almighty God. Lord Shri Krishna and Lord Rama manifested in this world with a human body and had attained the Avatar or Almighty God status. Humans are those who take birth and then die. Lord Rama was born on Ramnavmi day and then died later. Lord Krishna was born on Janmashtami day and then died later. From humans they became divine as Almighty God. If you awaken your latent energies you too can become God.

Within human beings such energies exist that if they are awakened they can become Rishis and great saints. You can become George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, Napoleon Bonaparte and Swami Vivekananda. Due to this greatness of Gayatri Mantra we via Gayatri devotion are making intense efforts to teach its hallowed philosophy to the entire world public. This is Gayatri’s science. In our life we have made efforts to understand both Gayatri’s philosophy and science also and to a great extent we have reaped success. Only then we are standing in front of you all so to teach you its science and philosophy. If you walk on this path both your material and spiritual life can become grand and glorious. For us both material and spiritual living are important. Spiritual life is our Prana or life force and material life is our physical body. Both are important. If both these separate our life shall be rendered a living corpse. Thus by uniting both these we must advance in life. Gayatri is such a Super Mantra that aids both types of human progress. I wholeheartedly wish that all of you get the golden opportunity to advance both materially and spiritually.

I have so far spoken a great deal about Gayatri Mantra. I have elucidated all details regarding Gayatri Mantra meditation and Anushthan or worship methods. Thus we have taught everyone just about everything but I have not yet told you something supremely important and that is specialty of Mother Gayatri. What is this specialty? A mother does not give very expensive things to small children because they do not have the capability of keeping precious objects safely. Suppose you get these things what will you all do? Please give me an answer. Boons given by demigods are certainly not meant for sense object merriment and fleeting titillation. It is not meant for taking up drug, alcohol and other tainted addictions. In fact boons are given for some very important tasks. If you wish to attain boons from demigods you must become like them i.e. become sacredly divine within. You yearn to tread the spiritual path and you wish to attain everything from them. If that is so you must become mature. Without this you shall not succeed. Who is considered mature? The answer is one who truly understands his responsibilities. Do you understand your duties and responsibilities in life? If you actually do you must imbibe a great pious character, you must think deeply in a glorious manner and only then you can be called truly mature.

The day you deeply understand your responsibilities in life you shall truly become mature which means this shall be a human responsibility. Conjoined to you are so many humane responsibilities. Hence you must become good law abiding citizens. You must become profound pious thinkers. You must always attach yourselves to your duties and responsibilities. When you shall become gentlemanly and magnanimous only then shall you become a true spiritualist. Those who see lewd cinema, drink alcohol and get immersed in wasteful expenditure are very immature. Those who understand their responsibilities and spend their money very wisely without wasting it are truly mature.

Spirituality is a terminology which means the art of true living. It is not some miracle mongering as you think. If miracle shows were real those exhibiting them would not be begging on the roads as is seen often. They would have become millionaires. Spiritualism is that wherein people definitely think about where to use materials attained and in what manner to use it. This is Super Mantra Gayatri’s specialty on the basis of which this Mantra tastes success and we too have been able to advance further accordingly. I (Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya) have executed Gayatri Mantra Meditation with deep steadfast faith for 24 years ceaselessly by eating only Rotli (Indian bread) made of barley with buttermilk. In those days I did not even know what wheat looked like or what sugar and salt tasted like. I have definitely done Gayatri devotion but there was a treaty between my boss (Guru) and myself. What was this treaty? The 1st was that I must try and live a life akin to an honest ethical human being. I thus have made all efforts to live ethically and honestly. Who is a true Brahmin? He is one who lives life frugally and economically. Who is a true saint? He is one who is full of compassion for all. His heart drips with compassion and sympathy. He deeply understands other people’s sorrow and grief. Thus a saint is one whose mind always thinks of warding off other people’s hardships.

Brahmins and saints are bigger than Almighty God. Naradji was bigger than God. He had attained many divine rights. Maharshi Shringi guided the performing of a Putreshti Yajna for siring sons. As a result King Dashrath became the proud father of 4 sons called Lord Rama, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughna. The power possessed by true saints and Brahmins verily is very great. They are bigger than God also. It is called life of Brahmins and saints. It means a life of glorious character and generosity. I do not know whether you are a true Brahmin or not. There are many people who are born in Brahmin clans yet they have businesses of selling shoes. I never look upon someone as a Brahmin simply based on the caste system. I only wish to know whether your actions and lifestyle is that of a true pious Brahmin or not. A person can never become a true Brahmin or saint merely on the basis of caste, clan or donning a particular external garb. Only if your life is full of generosity and that your heart experiences anguish on witnessing others’ hardships can you be called a saint and Brahmin.

Gayatri Mantra worship is akin to sowing seeds. But after sowing seeds they need to be watered regularly. Without watering these seeds no fruits or flowers can bloom. If you are a farmer you sow seeds and supply both fertilizers and water to it. If you are a human being along with a hearty meal you require both air and water because without all this you cannot remain alive. If you are carrying out spiritual practices and devotional worship, know that 2 things are attached to it viz. a life of a pious character possessed by true Brahmins and a life of a saint who goes hungry himself in order to fill empty stomachs of others. A rivulet keeps giving water to all after it gets the same from high rise mountains. Clouds keep pouring down rain on earth and again by becoming steam from earth they again turn into clouds. Rivers give their waters to the ocean from which clouds are formed and the latter gives its water to earth. Earth gives water to rivers and rivers give it to the ocean. This cycle goes on unhindered and none can obstruct it.

Gayatri meditation has 3 legs which mean 3 benefits. I have attained all these 3 benefits. Self contentment-our soul praises us a lot. Even if the world praises you, how do you benefit? It is only when your own soul praises you that you shall benefit. This verily is called self satisfaction. If your soul tells you that you are very great and that you are carrying out glorious tasks, it is worth being happy. We shall see no one else happier in this world than ourselves. Our demigods radiate on our faces. One who burns his own heart and burns others’ bosoms too is definitely a most unfortunate person. Those who burn with envy and burn others too is truly a ghost. Those who live lives carrying out vile activities and thus undergo harassment are simply useless people. You all must instead live a life of happiness and blissful ecstasy. I desire that you suckle the divine milk of Mother of Vedas and live a life of carefree joy, divine light that can be shared with others. Your path is wide open. One road leads to Sidhis (occult powers) and respect. If after serving others selflessly you get honor you must also have got others’ help. Wherever I go I get a lot of help and reverence from all. All of you too can achieve this. Mahatma Gandhi had got both cooperation and honor from everyone. Vinoba Bhave too attained both. When the public honors someone they also cooperate and help them. You have not even been helped by your own wife and children. I on the other hand have been by such people who have never been my friends, relatives or children previously. Why are they all showering their help thus? This is because I have fully imbibed true spirituality in my life. I am one pointedly steadfast. I have surrendered only to one icon but God alone knows how many deities you have gathered like Shankar, Ganesh etc. In this what is surprising is that you have not fully surrendered yourself to even one of these and made them your very own forever.

The public has helped me a lot. My soul has given me help that dwells within me. I have attained self satisfaction. Demigods have blessed me. Whatever I have earned is but the grace of demigods. It is bestowed by my boss, my Guru and Almighty Lord. I have wiped sorrowful tears of so many people. Do you know how much austerity power is used up for this? That all you are getting from my boss Almighty God’s bank balance and I keep using it for others’ well being. My Almighty God walks beside me like a bodyguard. My God drives my chariot of life. My God showers infinite grace and blessings on me. My God walks as my hands and legs. I walk with a lot of valor and daring. I walk in blissful ecstasy. All of you too can do this. Mother Gayatri shall show you this path. The road which I am treading is very grand and beautiful. May God too inspire to walk this very path! In Indian Culture there is only one devotional practice and that Gayatri Mantra practice. This practice was followed by our Rishi ancestors. We have again commenced it. Via the medium of Shaktipithas and Prajnapithas I have made efforts to teach Gayatri Mantra devotion to each lay person. I have to live for maybe 3-4 years. Till then I wish to teach this Mantra to every human being.

If in one word you wish to know about Indian Culture, I shall call it Gayatri Mantra. If once you correctly understand Gayatri you shall then understand all foundation stones of Indian Culture. You shall also understand true knowledge and wisdom. Thus is the form of Gayatri which we all are trying to imbibe in our daily life. We are worshiping and meditating on it and which we are trying to understand its spiritual philosophy in the form of divine wisdom called Brahmavidya.

Gayatri has 2 meanings. You all know only one meaning and which is that? You only know one Gayatri practice’s application. How is Gayatri chanted? This is only Gayatri practice. Practice is not always whole and complete. This is but the epilogue. Then say, what is the prologue? Prologue encompasses philosophy. Gayatri is a philosophy. What is philosophy? It is Ritambhara Prajna. What is Ritambhara? It is Science of Brahman or Divinity called Brahmavidya. What exactly is Brahmavidya? It means whatever supreme glory and greatness is conjoined to human life gets included in Indian Spiritual Philosophy. The following portion of Gayatri is that which you make no effort to deeply understand. You all merely wish to practice without understanding the underlying theory. You wish to know only about Japa or Mantra chanting. You know only how to compete with others blindly. You wish to know the technique of meditation. No doubt all this too has its importance. I do not deny its value but theory and practice are inseparably conjoined to each other. No! We shall only practice because how does theory benefit us? We shall only operate and practice surgery since no benefits accrue by studying anatomy and physiology. First you must learn anatomy and physiology. No sir! We shall not waste our time in all this nonsense. Please teach us only how to perform a surgical operation. Son! Do you know about various bodily parts and centers? How do tissues look like? How do cells appear? What is the form of certain things? Without knowing all this you may operate on a patient in any manner, you may dissect his stomach, you may sew it up with surgical needles and thread yet know for sure that not only shall this unfortunate patient die but that you too shall land in a soup. Thus it is imperative that you first learn anatomy, physiology etc.

Gayatri’s spiritual philosophy is

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